[AIW] Canadian Metis Ethnohistorian Olive Dickason Has Died

Harald Prins prins at ksu.edu
Tue Mar 29 03:13:55 CEST 2011

Dear Colleagues 
Some of you may have personally known Olive Dickason, many more 
will be familiar with her publications. A path-breaking scholar & wonderful 
human, she is no longer among the living, but her oeuvre will continue to 
educate for many more years. I am passing on the message distributed 
on the H-Amerindian list serve 
In the hope & expectation that the AIW meeting in Graz will be 
a success, and regretting not to be able to join you there 
Harald Prins 

Subject: Passing of Olive P. Dickason 

From: Karl Hele <khele at alcor.concordia.ca> 
Date: March 28, 2011 
Subject: ANN: Passing of Olive P. Dickason 

It is with deep sadness and with a profound sense of loss that I need to 
make the H-Amindian community aware of the passing of Metis historian 
Olive P. Dickason. She was one of the best scholars working with and on 
Aboriginal, Metis and Canadian history and studies. Her life and work has 
and will continue to influenced us. 

Please see 

Karl S. Hele 

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