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Deadline extended: Regionalism and American Studies

The motto e pluribus unum affirms the belief that out of many colonies came
one nation. The reality, though, is that the United States became a nation
with many regions, each with very distinctive traditions, cultures, history,
politics, religious orientation, accents, and cuisines. The editors of The
Americantist invite submissions -from a variety of scholarly perspectives,
including but not limited to literary, historical, sociological, and
political-that explore the issue of regionalism in the study of the United

Questions to be considered include: What were the sources of regional
identity? What structures and institutions perpetuate regional identity? In
what ways, did/does popular culture reinforce regional stereotypes? In what
ways does the construction of gender, race, and/or class vary from region to
region? Case studies that focus on particular aspects of a region as well as
close analysis of a particular text, tradition, political debate, etc. are
welcome. And, of course, the editors solicit essays that challenge the
underlying assumption of the preceding questions: does region really matter
in studying the United States?

Deadline:  1 June 2012

Contact information:  

William R. Glass
The Americanist
American Studies Center
University of Warsaw
al. Niepodleglosci 22
02-653 Warszawa Poland
Office: +48 22 553 33 21
Fax: +48 22 553 33 22 


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