[AIW] JTAS 4.1 (2012): "Charting Transnational Native American Studies: Aesthetics, Politics, Identity"

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Journal of Transnational American Studies (vol. 4.1, 2012), SPECIAL FORUM: 
Charting Transnational Native American Studies: Aesthetics, Politics,





Charting Transnational Native American Studies
Huang, Hsinya; Deloria, Philip J.; Furlan, Laura M.; Gamber, John

A Transnational Native American Studies? Why Not Studies That Are
Allen, Chadwick

Alone on the Snow, Alone on the Beach: “A Global Sense of Place” in
Atanarjuat and Fountain
Horton, Jessica L.

"¡Todos Somos Indios!" Revolutionary Imagination, Alternative Modernity, and
Transnational Organizing in the Work of Silko, Tamez, and Anzaldúa
Adamson, Joni

The Trans/National Terrain of Anishinaabe Law and Diplomacy
Bauerkemper, Joseph; Stark, Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik



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