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Call for Papers

History Graduate Student Association Conference, Brown University

New Worlds: Histories of Crisis and Encounter

Brown University, Providence, RI/USA

April 3-4, 2020



Keynote Speaker: Tatiana Linkhoeva, New York University 


Visions of new worlds and the stakes of abandoning the old are topics that
have been taken up from many positionalities within a number of geographic
and temporal subfields. New world history has traditionally referred to
colonial encounters, especially on the American continents. Yet the
questions that scholars in these fields have been asking can also be used to
illuminate new and provocative approaches to histories of apocalyptic
dreaming, environmental studies, and questions of new and changing
lifestyles. These scholars continue to broaden existing theoretical models
to probe the relationships between centers and margins, question received
hierarchies, examine encounters between people, the exchange of ideas and
resources, and reveal the ways in which different worlds collide. The
concept of a new world calls attention to networks of knowledge production
and circulation, as well as the visual and material representations of
paradigm shifts and ruptures. It is not only valuable for considering
dramatic revolutions, but allows us to interrogate our perspectives on
continuities and the meaning of change. Running through all of these "new
worlds" are issues of power, control, economy, environment, identity, and


This conference intends to provoke discussion among academics from all
geographical and temporal fields concerning how we envision new worlds, how
they are created in politics and space, how conceptions of newness change
over time, and how these questions are approached by various methodologies.
This could involve exploring ancient and medieval visions of the future,
challenging the Eurocentric point of view in writing histories of encounter,
examining the interactions between non-human and human worlds. It also
reveals the extent to which the understanding of rupture and revolution has
shifted and how the use of scientific knowledge and technology has
reconfigured the modern world. 


Possible paper topics and themes include, but are not limited to:

*	Visions of the future and modernity
*	Revolutions and ruptures
*	Conceptualizing and representing the 'foreign'
*	Changing environments and questioning the Anthropocene
*	Colonial expansions and indigenous responses 
*	New ways of knowing
*	Disrupting binaries and re-inventing the gendered 'self'
*	Innovative approaches to the archive and writing new histories
*	Encounters and contact zones
*	'Building' new worlds in art and architecture
*	The politics of lifestyles
*	Urban histories and metropolitan futures
*	The end of history/the end of the world


We welcome both individual papers and full panel proposals. We also welcome
volunteers for chairing panels. Papers should be 15-20 minutes in length,
and may be from any geographic or temporal specialization. Please apply here
by midnight on February 2nd, 2020.


Note: The costs of attending the conference, including travel,
accommodation, and other expenses, will be the responsibility of the
presenter(s) or their institutions.


Please contact  brownhgsaconference2020 at gmail.com
<mailto:brownhgsaconference2020 at gmail.com>  for further questions.



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