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Morrisseau Project PhD Fellowship

Carleton University, Ottawa, ON/Canada



Contemporary Indigenous art history in Canada owes a debt to the art and
life of Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau, a trail blazer and cultural
warrior whose unique visual language has shaped diverse ways of thinking
about Indigenous arts today. Under the directorship of Dr. Carmen Robertson,
Tier I Canada Research Chair in North American Indigenous Art and Material
Culture, the Morrisseau Project (1955-85) at Carleton University is
investigating the aesthetic, political, and cultural work of this
Anishinaabe artist in order to create a comprehensive understanding of
Morrisseau's art and artistic impact that will enable new ways of analyzing
Indigenous artworks and their circulation.


The Morrisseau Project (MP) is currently recruiting a new PhD student to
join the Morrisseau Project team and conduct original dissertation research
on some aspect of Indigenous art history in Canada or the United States that
contributes to conceiving of art through Indigenous ways of knowing.
Potential dissertation topics include: Woodland School and Anishinaabe
artistic contributions by artists in communities, art galleries or museum
collections; contemporary curatorial articulations of Indigenous ways of
knowing; the impact of the Woodland School on Indigenous popular culture;
theorizing Indigenous histories of art;  building new histories of art
inspired by Morrisseau's entry into the mainstream art world since the
1960s. (Note that our Morrisseau Project focuses particularly on the period
from 1955 through 1985.)


In addition to the admissions funding package, travel bursaries, and awards
offered by Carleton University, the MP PhD fellow will be guaranteed the
following funding package in Year 1, which will be renewable for up to four

*	A scholarship of $500/semester (up to $1,500/year)
*	Two semester-long research assistantships (of 130 hours/semester x
$41.70/hour x 2 semesters = $10,842)
*	Up to $1,000 funding for research or conference travel related to
the Morrisseau Project


If the PhD student is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they may
also be eligible to receive a $2,000 top-up fellowship from Carleton
University in Year 1.


The MP PhD Fellowship is available to students beginning their studies in
Fall 2020 in the Cultural Mediations PhD program in Carleton's Institute for
Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture (ICSLAC).  Please contact
Dr. Paul Theberge (paul.theberge at carleton.ca
<mailto:paul.theberge at carleton.ca> ) for more information about the Cultural
Mediations PhD program.


The Morrisseau Project especially encourages Anishinaabe or other Indigenous
candidates to apply.


To Apply:

*	Email Dr. Carmen Robertson (robertson at carleton.ca
<mailto:robertson at carleton.ca> ) to indicate your interest in the position.
*	Follow the online instructions to apply for the Cultural Mediations
program. In the Statement of Intent in the application:
*	Indicate your interest in the Morrisseau Project PhD Fellowship and
include the following sentence: "I give permission for the graduate
admissions committee to share my application materials and letters of
reference with Dr. Carmen Robertson";
*	Describe your proposed Morrisseau-related dissertation project;
*	Indigenous candidates are invited to self-identify.


The deadline to apply for these PhD programs is 1 February 2020.


For more information please contact Dr. Carmen Robertson
(Carmen.robertson at carleton.ca <mailto:Carmen.robertson at carleton.ca> ).



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