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Filson Research Fellowships

The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, KY/USA



Applications for research fellowships at The Filson Historical Society are
due on February 15, 2020. Application instructions are found on The Filson's
website. Contact Dr. Patrick A. Lewis, Scholar in Residence, for more
information at patricklewis at filsonhistorical.org
<mailto:patricklewis at filsonhistorical.org>  or 502-653-5083 x270.


The Filson is Kentucky's largest and oldest independent historical society
with research collections documenting the history and culture of Kentucky,
the Ohio Valley and the Upper South. The Library and Special Collections
include rare books, maps, and 1.5 million manuscripts, forming the best
research holdings in Kentucky for the Frontier, Antebellum, and Civil War
eras in addition to extensive collections for the late-nineteenth and
twentieth centuries. A large nineteenth-century portrait collection as well
as 50,000 photographs and fine prints provide visual images for all periods.
Our online catalog is available at www.filsonhistorical.org
<http://www.filsonhistorical.org> .


Areas of collections strength include:

*	Trans-Appalachian Frontier
*	Lewis & Clark Expedition
*	African American History
*	Civil War & Memory
*	Southern Jewish History
*	Agriculture & Environment
*	Architecture & Material Culture
*	Gilded Age and Progressive era
*	Suffrage and Women's Rights
*	Transportation History
*	Urban History


Fellowships encourage the scholarly use of The Filson's nationally
significant collections by providing support for travel and lodging. Fellows
are expected to be in continuous residence at The Filson. Application
deadlines twice per year, October 15 and February 15.


The Filson anticipates that fellows will publish the results of their
research in Ohio Valley History, a peer-reviewed journal published jointly
by the Filson, the Cincinnati Museum Center, and the University of


Masters Thesis Fellowships

MA candidates. Full support of a single $500 award is available for a
one-week fellowship period to encourage use of our research collections by
M.A. students developing and researching thesis topics. Partial support is
available for students residing in Kentucky who travel from outside the
greater Louisville area.


Filson Fellowships

ABD, Ph.D., or holders of an equivalent terminal degree. Full awards are
$500 per week and may be awarded for up to two weeks. Awards must be used
within eighteen months of their receipt. Partial support is available for
scholars residing in Kentucky who travel from outside the greater Louisville


C. Ballard Breux Visiting Fellowships

Ph.D. or holders of an equivalent terminal degree. Full support for post
doctoral scholars living outside of Kentucky is available for a one-month
residence. Partial support is available for scholars residing in Kentucky
who travel from outside the greater Louisville area. Applicants for Breaux
Visiting Fellowships are automatically considered for Filson Fellowships.


Contact Email: fellowships at filsonhistorical.org
<mailto:fellowships at filsonhistorical.org>  



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