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Call for Papers

Meeting of the American Society for Ethnohistory (ASE)

Intimacy and Interaction

Duke University, Durham, NC/USA

November 4-8, 2020



The program committee of the 2020 ASE conference invites submissions for the
annual meeting to take place on November 4-8, 2020 in downtown Durham, North
Carolina.  We invite panel proposals on any topic related to ethnohistory
and especially within this year's theme: Intimacy and Interaction.  The
program committee encourages thematic panels that include perspectives from
both North and Latin America, as well as panels that include perspectives
from other areas of the world.


As you think about the topic of Intimacy and Interaction, we note that the
re-structuring to which this CFP refers includes religious ceremonialism,
language, re-adjustments of spatial configurations of families and
communities, and the simple exigencies of material and cultural survival. We
ask you to consider such questions as: How have indigenous peoples
structured notions of intimacy and intimate relationships? How have colonial
rule, settler colonialism, and empire formation forced a restructuring of
intimate interactions between people both within indigenous communities and
between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples? How have extended families,
family networks, and communities been altered or disrupted (often violently)
by colonial and neocolonial forces? How has the law been used to alter,
limit, control, or outlaw intimate relationships within indigenous societies
or between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples? How have capitalism,
neoliberalism, globalization and other institutional forces altered notions
of intimate relationships among indigenous peoples? How have indigenous and
non-indigenous peoples responded to these structural forces?


We will consider proposals for multiple formats including panels,
roundtables, and public workshops, but we strongly encourage creativity,
moving beyond the typical 20-minute paper presentation format. We also
strongly encourage individuals who have paper ideas to get together with
others through various forums in order to meet other people working on
related topics. To that end, we have developed an interactive area of the
conference website where we encourage you to post an idea for a panel,
working group, or roundtable. If you are thinking about an individual paper,
please post on H-AmIndian, H-LatAm, H-Borderlands, or similar listservs to
find others who are interested in presenting related papers.


If you have any questions about proposals, please email the program
committee assistant at ethnohistory at duke.edu <mailto:ethnohistory at duke.edu>


Please note that panels can consist of three to four papers, while
roundtables and "working-groups/workshops" can be more loosely formatted by
each organizer, but all need to adhere to each session's 90-minute time
slot.  Please ensure your proposal has a designated chair.  You may include
a separate commentator before audience discussion, or you may designate the
panel chair as commentator or discussion facilitator.  To maximize time for
audience discussion, we ask papers to be 15-20 minutes (in a three-paper
panel) or 10-15 minutes (in a 4-paper panel), with formal commentary no
longer than 5 minutes.  Complete panel proposals with a chair and/or a
commentator are preferred, but individual paper proposals will also be


Submission Deadline: May 1, 2020


For each submission, organizers need to include:

1.	The session's title
2.	Organizer's name, title, and institutional affiliation
3.	Participant's names, titles, and institutional affiliations


In addition, for each type of session listed below, the organizer must
submit the relevant material:

*	Panels: panel abstract, titles and abstracts of all papers,
abstracts not to be longer than 150 words
*	Roundtables: 300 word description of the topic and goals of the
*	Working-groups/workshops: 300 word description of the topic and
goals of the workshop


To submit, please have all required documentation collated into a single pdf
file, named with the last name of the session's organizer. It is not
necessary to register for the conference in order to have a paper or panel
accepted. Once papers and panels are accepted, however, each participant
must register as an ASE member.


Email all proposals to: ethnohistory at duke.edu <mailto:ethnohistory at duke.edu>



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